What To Expect During the Test

The allergy test will take between 1 ½ - 2 hours to complete.

During the testing appointment there will be a period of time between the application of the testing antigen and when the results can be read.  Please bring along a book, magazine, or electronic tablet to pass the time.

Testing is done on the arms only.  Please wear a short sleeved or very loose sleeved shirt that will easily slide up to your shoulder. 

An initial “control test” will be performed to ensure your skin will respond properly to the testing.  If this initial test result is not normal, you may have residual medications lingering in your body and the allergy test will have to be rescheduled for another day.

A pulmonary screening test will be done.  You will be asked to breathe in through a mouth piece to ensure you do not have any lung condition that would put you at risk during the testing process.

Please inform your doctor if you have asthma, a history of asthma or any other lung condition or if you use inhaled medications.